Category: Gross Motor Skill Activities
Bright Beginnings

These free alphabet printables, developed in conjunction with CHOIS, are perfect for teaching letter shapes to preschoolers. Each page features the outline of a capital letter of the alphabet. Wondering how to use them? Here are a few ideas: Glue Fest! Glue

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  Fill a quart-sized freezer bag (Note: A regular sandwich bag is not durable enough for this activity. Ask me how I know!) with hair gel or dish soap. Use packing take to reinforce the bag’s seal. Ta-da! A writing

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Use painter’s tape to mark on the floor a letter of your choice. Have your child place individual blocks along the letter outline, making the sound (phoneme) of the letter as each block is aligned.


To make a Letter Road, use painter’s tape to mark out the shape of a letter of your choice. Have your child walk (or tip-toe or hop) along the Letter Road, all the while making the sound (phoneme) of the

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To create a Letter Road, use painter’s tape to mark out on the floor the shape of a letter. Have your child select a car to drive on Letter Road. Before engines are started, instruct your child that vehicles on Letter Road

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