Almost       I had the most interesting week, with events that may never again be duplicated, thus the need for documentation.   My BFF Stephanie is an editor for a nationally-known website. Last Monday (as in the last

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This week I took my preschoolers to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) night at our local library, and we had fun with their hands-on activities. One lesson that drew the kids in right away was on measurement. To recreate this lesson

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Are you wanting to work with your preschooler on number identification? Is your child uninterested in flashcards? Try structured play instead. This number identification game incorporates one of my kids’ favorite toys: airplanes!  We acquired a toy aircraft carrier on a

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Bright Beginnings

These free alphabet printables, developed in conjunction with CHOIS, are perfect for teaching letter shapes to preschoolers. Each page features the outline of a capital letter of the alphabet. Wondering how to use them? Here are a few ideas: Glue Fest! Glue

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  With my children tucked into bed and a mountain of laundry to fold, I turned on the television. After flipping through several channels, I settled on a reality show featuring a homeschooling family. As I matched socks, I watched

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My top reasons for choosing home education: God gives parents the primary responsibility for the instruction and development of their children.  My husband and I have chosen to not delegate that responsibility to others. But hey, before you stop reading this,

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  I’m currently working with my five year old on recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters. He’ll often mix up “big” and “little” letters while practicing his handwriting. I used bottle caps to create a simple activity for identifying which letters are

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Alphabet Match

  Plastic bottle caps make a great early learning manipulative. Their uses are endless! I’ve found that 1″ round mailing labels fit perfectly on milk bottle caps. You can easily find them at office supply stores: I recently made two

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Numerical Order Caps

  Plastic bottle caps are a favorite teaching tool of mine. They’re of endless supply in our house (three gallons of milk a week, anyone?) and I love the opportunity to be a greener home, even if it is with a

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  For nearly a year I had a basket in my pantry and tossed used plastic bottle caps into it. I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d use them, but I was sure they would be handy for some sort of

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  I was twelve years old, working on a Saxon math lesson in our family home in Pocatello, ID, when the doorbell rang. At the door was our neighbor, her four year old twins in tow, wanting to speak with

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  Fill a quart-sized freezer bag (Note: A regular sandwich bag is not durable enough for this activity. Ask me how I know!) with hair gel or dish soap. Use packing take to reinforce the bag’s seal. Ta-da! A writing

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Putting away clean silverware is great household job for preschoolers. Not only does it promote responsibility, but it also provides real-life practice in recognizing patterns and sorting objects.


Use painter’s tape to mark on the floor a letter of your choice. Have your child place individual blocks along the letter outline, making the sound (phoneme) of the letter as each block is aligned.

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